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[Note:  Quantum Earth will not be delivering any software from 6/12/2009 to 6/21/2009.

 Please email if you have questions during this time interval.]


Quantum Earth has developed routines for 2D and 3D flat spot/fluid contact analysis and for customized 3D Segy volume scanning.  These programs are designed for both lead generation and prospect analysis.  These codes are proprietary and backed by 6 patents, so far.



Pricing for 1 year licenses



1 Machine

1 Machine

1 Machine

1 Network


1 to 4

5 to 50

> 50







Horizon Binning with GrAZ





3D Seismic Fluid Contact and Flat Spot Detection #





3D AVO Outlier Analysis #





3D SEGY Clustering #





Segy header scanning and volume copying










# Includes Segy header scanning and volume copying.







Steps to Get Started                                             


1.    Run a system test to check the Java level                 >>Click to >>>  Test system


2.    Download Java from Sun Microsystems                   >>Click to >>> Download Java     (1.6.11 or later is required)


3.    Fill-out and sign the license order form after reading the license agreement


4.    Fill out an order form.


a.     If it is a single machine license, include the Hardware Address (between >xxxxxxx<, like  >033112-5781-7<) from a System Test on the machine where you plan to run.

b.    If it is a network license, include the network IP ( xxx.yyy.zzz.000 )

c.     Number of processors desired

d.    Company name and address

e.     Your name, phone number and email address

f.      The information from page 3 will be used to generate an invoice and the license file.

g.    Please keep a copy for your records.

h.    Send to (


5.    An invoice will be sent for your approval

6.    A zip file will sent to you, containing:


a.     Executable files and scripts

b.    Readme.txt files to aid in installation

c.     QEC license file


Last:  7/28/2009