Quantum Earth Patent and Trademark Filings


Patents and Trademarks…currently filed

Currently, Quantum Earth Corporation has filed the following patents and trademark with the USPTO, and some International entities.


Utility Patents:


6 awarded in the area of seismic anomaly analysis for fluid contact analysis, in the US.  A related International PCT filing has also been filed.




"Method for Horizon Binning for an Area of Interest" has been awarded US Patent Number 6,865,521.


The GrAZ attribute generation procedure for horizons has been awarded US Patent Number 7,206,782.


"Multi-Attribute Background Relative Scanning of 3D geophysical Datasets for Locally Anomalous Data Points" is currently pending.  This covers multi-volume, background relative AVO style scanning.  US Patent Number, 7,266,041.


4 patents have been filed around 4 methods of doing flat spot related detection using 3D seismic volume data, with the final US Patent Numbers 7,453,766, 7,453,767 and 7,463,552, having been issued.  One of the filings is still awaiting review.77453





1.     QUANTUM EARTH     in area 42



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Note on trademark and name changes


Last updated:  9/8/2009