Horizon Binning and 2D GrAZ Program


Horizon Binning and 2D GrAZ are horizon based (hence 2D) anomaly analysis methodologies. The software program or package is designed to be used as a stand-alone tool, running as a Java application. The code is proprietary and backed by 2 US patents, so far, with more filings around the world in process.


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1.    Input of a ASCII horizon exported from a workstation

       The horizon file must have at least (inline, xline, Z, attribute-value)

       Geoframe card image 7 works well for both SMT and Geoframe


2.    Digitization and saving of the polygon around the anomaly and down-dip water-leg.

3.    Generation of final plots with saving to jpg, bmp or png files

4.    Relatively fast (minutes after exporting the horizon file)