Search for Solar L=2 G-Modes in IU QSPA seismometer data




The work around searching for Solar L=2 G-Modes in seismometer data began in 2013 using data from the IRIS Consortium ( ).  The goal of the project was to determine if gravity waves generated within the Sun by L>=2 G-Mode oscillations could be detected using seismometers on the Earth.  The idea of using seismometers to detect gravity waves in the 1 Hz range dates back to a 1969 article by Freeman Dyson.


Results to-date are positive and the first paper is in the peer review process in Astrophysics with the American Astronomical Society (AAS).  The paper is titled:  "Detection of Quadrupole Gravitational Effects Generated by Solar G-Modes using Earth Based Seismometers." 


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Quantum Earth is not actively pursuing Exploration Geophysics at this time:  10/27/2016.






Exploration Geophysics:  Flat Spot, Fluid Contact Analysis  &  3D Volume Scanning Software


Quantum Earth has developed routines for 2D and 3D flat spot/fluid contact analysis and for customized 3D Segy volume scanning.  These programs are designed for both lead generation and prospect analysis.  They are not difficult to use and require very little training to run.  It is assumed that you will not need much help in running these, after they are installed.


These codes are proprietary and backed by 6 patents, so far, with more filings around the world in process.



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1.     2D Horizon based fluid contact analysis:  Horizon Binning with GrAZ

2.     3D Seismic Fluid Contact and Flat Spot Detection …. Experimental version as of 4/2009

3.     3D AVO Outlier Analysis

4.     3D SEGY Clustering for quick volume scanning

5.     Segy header scanning and Segy copying with modifications


*All license prices are for a 1 year license.

    Java 1.6 is required for execution and can be downloaded from Sun Microsystems, if not already on your machine.



Exploration Geophysics:  Custom 3D Volume Scanner or clusterers


Do you want to scan 3D volumes in a unique and non-standard way?  Quantum Earth has developed a set of background Java routines that allow rapid development of custom 3D volume scanners.  If you can describe how you want to go through the volume(s), a special “one-off” scanner can be written for you, licensed to you and kept proprietary, if you desire. The output would be either another 3D volume or a set of clusters that can be loaded as workstation horizons.



Exploration Geophysics:  Analysis and Consulting


Quantum Earth is accepting new projects to work on a consulting basis in:

·        Fluid contact analysis for exploration,  reserve estimation or development planning

·        Volume scanning for flat spots and fluid contacts

·        Volume scanning for AVO outliers

·        Segy volume clustering for specific signatures

·        Geophysical analysis of specific problems

·        Prospect risk analysis


The software licensed by Quantum Earth is used, as needed, in consulting.  This means that codes are modified, if needed, during the course of projects.  You do not need to license the codes to get a project done by QEC.



For more information about licensing, project assistance or special volume scanners, please                 

contact  Mike Padgett at  or 713 907 1258



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